Let me take the burden off your shoulders…

The only tool you’ll ever need will be waltzing to your doorsteps, swaying gracefully with everything you see below,  to take the joyful journey with you.


What’s inside?

Track your budget

WELCOME LETTER – An overview of how to maximize the use of your portfolio.

MEETING NOTES – To note every important points in meeting with your suppliers and make it more productive.

WEDDING BUDGET – A template to keep track where you were able to save so can decide where you can splurge. Yes, you CAN splurge. 😉

Wedding Calendar

MONTHLY CALENDAR -Its an open calendar so you can start whenever you want.

WEDDING TIMELINE – Enjoy ticking off this “to-do’s” before you say I do. The hand to hold yours on every step of the way, with/ without a full time coordinator, you’ll get to your big day with sanity still and your lip gloss intact.

Suppliers Tab

SUPPLIER CONTACT DETAILS – Keeps them in one place so you never have to pull your hair out searching for them.

CARD HOLDER SHEET- (DFY OPTION ONLY) Never loose another card, quick reference everytime.

SUPPLIER OPTIONS – Compare their pro’s and cons, so you’re sure to never miss a great deal.

CLEAR PLASTIC SHEETS – (DFY OPTION ONLY) Organize magazine clippings, pegs, and other loose BUT IMPORTANT documents.

SUPPLIER PAYMENT – Keep track of your payment and never worry about how much you already paid and how much your due still is for suppliers you already booked.

Guest List Planner

WEDDING PARTY CHECKLIST – reference to every detail you will ever need for you whole entourage.

GUEST LIST – Your most tricky list, if you can’t keep it down, get it organized at least. =)

Ceremony Planner

LITURGICAL ENTOURAGE – Organize the flow of your church ceremony. Furnish your on-the-day-coordinator and participants a copy.

CLEAR SHEET – (DFY OPTION ONLY) Keep your sample Misalette / Program neatly.

LITURGICAL PLAYLIST – Where you choose and organize your song choices in every part of the ceremony then furnish your musician a copy.

Reception Planner

RECEPTION PLAYLIST – No more surprised guest assignment and pointing fingers game. Plan your program and furnish your host and participants a copy.

TABLE SEATING PLAN – A template to work well with the guest list planner. Keep guests entertained by each other. Seat them next to someone you know they’ll enjoy the company of.

Be on top of everything with the confidence of NOT MISSING anything!