You're Engaged!

Then after 24 hours of being excited and giddy....

You are now a panicky bride to be pulling her hair out and asking…

What the heck is next???

Where should I start?!?!

Now you feel lost in the vast land of wedding plans… Searching, and finding, and not knowing which ones you need, and which ones you don’t with all these wedding checklists and templates.

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The search is over!

You finally found the only wedding checklist you’ll need.

Compiled Neatly. Organized beautifully. Your best bet for a wedding planning guide.

This is your complete to-do’s before you say I do.

At a price less than your fancy dinner, stop yourself from becoming the dreaded bridezilla everyone feared about. Give yourself a treat, because You. Deserve. It.

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The Wedding Planning Checklist

Proven Effective by Hundreds of Brides-to-be

Save yourself from the never ending search of wedding checklist.

Personal. Heartfelt. Memorable.

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But what’s the difference if I use a wedding app instead???

Sure, no denying, wedding apps are helpful.

But with everything around you that is just a click away, comes notifications, beeps, alerts, and messages. Having to open another tab, fire up another piece of software, or launch another app amounts to one more on-screen thing vying for your attention.

With so much of our work and personal life dedicated to a computer, sometimes the most helpful thing can be to take a breath and walk away.

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Seriously, after staring at a screen at work all day, how relaxing is it to curl up at home and stare at another screen?

It all boils down to this:

3 Reasons you can not afford not to have The Bridal Portfolio in your life:

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You will fall in love with its gorgeousness! Its cover will be designed according to your wedding theme or motif, reflecting both you and your fiancee’s personalities. Your names will be watermarked in every sheet, your heart will skip a beat everytime a page is flipped.


You’ll have a keeper of every arrangement, every commitment, every contract and every “momentous moment” you see along the way.


You can finally break up with stress- that alone is worth the price of TBP. Spending your time relaxing and thinking ways on having that beauty rest months away from your big day!




What IS The Bridal Portfolio?

Hi I’m Rio, and a couple years ago, this is how I planned my own wedding:

A free McDonalds notebook to scribble anything and everything plus a plain boring clear book.

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I’d annoyingly flip through the pages to look where the hell I noted that supplier’s email address. I’d insanely find my way to where I inserted that freaking contract!

They may look like a mess but they served their purpose. Okay, maybe not the purpose of being organized and stress free but I was able to keep all my moments safe and sound… eating up dust… coz its not at all pretty… sigh…

The Bridal Portfolio came a little late for me, but hopefully not for you.
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I am here because…

wedding checklist philippines

That bride-to-be who insists on doing this whole planning without shelling out cash for a professional planner. You’d love to be hands on the preps. The bride-to-be who wants to be on top of everything, with the confidence of not missing anything.


A wedding graphics stylist and in my hands is the ONE thing soon-to-weds need to craft their own wedding and ease up their big day preps.


Empowering soon-to-weds to craft their own wedding. Making the journey like its a walk in a park. With the most effective way to plan and make things happen orderly, naturally, no fuss, no worries!


A bride-to-be starting to be panicky 48 hours after saying “yes”, pulling your hair out while asking .., “what the heck is next?!” feeling lost in the vast lands of wedding plans.

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Your best bridesmaid ever! Giving you the solution to keep your shit everything together. All about the wedding being under YOUR control. Saving you lots of your hair… lots of it yes! You will look nothing but gorgeous on your big day!


A master guide list to lead you to your beautiful wedding. An easy to follow road map, to take you by the hand, every step of the way, to your big day. You’re just too tired searching for the never ending wedding templates and checklists that will suit well for Philippine weddings..

I AM :

Designing this keepsake that will make your wedding preps 98% more enjoyable! It will be such a breeze with The Bridal Portfolio proven to be the most effective way to plan and make things happen orderly, naturally, no fuss, no worries! Memories also kept yfor when you will lovingly look back at it years later, probably with your kids showin them off all your kilig moments.

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Steps to obsessively masterminding your own wedding:

1. Invest in the most effective bridal planner.
Spend less than what you’d spend on your designer bag (P1795 to be exact) and get your hands on the crackerjack of all wedding checklists.

2.Start planning right away.
It tells you exactly what you need to do, holding you by the hand, guiding you every step of the way to your big day. You’ll never have to ask yourself, “what the heck is next?!”

3. Fill tbp with all things you’ll lovingly look back with your future kids years later.

Make the right start!